Today's fashion item comes from my extensive jewelery collection. I am obsessed with insanely huge earrings. I mean really...the bigger, the better. (And yes. That is what she said.) One pair, however, is more than just body decoration. The earrings are a straight up conversation starters. Yes, that is Madonna in the earrings. Circa her "Frozen" video I believe. They were made by British artist Marty Thornton, from whom I bought them at an Art Car Boot Sale in London. He told me that Madonna herself actually has a pair. Upon hearing that, I knew I needed them in my life. And they were worth it. Every time I wear them, people stop me and want to talk to me. It could be the earrings. Or maybe it's the fact that earrings like this sort of scream "I have a fabulous personality! Talk to me!!" Either way, they are my favorite earrings.



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